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Alexande DeBlieux


"Over the past few months I’ve been really discerning what I want to do... 'what's my next?' I’ve been working in marketing for years now, and I wanted to do something that I knew had a tangible impact. An impact that wasn’t necessarily for a client, company or organization but rather, for an individual.

This thought has really hit me hard over the recent months with the current climate and unrest within our country and around the world. Regardless of where you stand politically, I think we can all agree that something is missing here. To me, with incidents like the shootings in Orlando and Parkland becoming a normal occurrence, I wonder, ‘what’s changed?’ What has shifted us into this place? What is missing in people’s lives that they feel the need to act out? Whether it be cutting someone off in traffic or something as tragic as Parkland... what’s missing here?

After spending some time on this thought, I wondered, would people act differently knowing that they are loved by someone? What if they had a physical, tangible reminder with them during the day? And on the inverse, would people act differently toward others knowing that someone out there loves them? At this intersection I found MUCHLOVE.

The idea was simple: sending a simple, comfortable t-shirt, to a loved one with a little message right by their heart, reminding them that they are loved. This message from one to another inside each pocket is a symbol and reminder of the love shared between them.

In addition to sharing your love with an individual, you are able to select one of the charities we support and a portion of your purchase will go to organizations that fight for love and help others know that their lives are precious and that they too are loved.

Join me in sharing the love with those that are close to you. There’s a lot to go around."

Much Love,
Alexande DeBlieux

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